Be a leader in uniting people and organizations
to do good where you live

Become a PeopleMovers® Community Organizer! Our world is becoming more and more divided. Let's change that!

PeopleMovers® has created a powerful platform for governments, foundations, nonprofits, schools, businesses and citizens to communicate and work together on shared issues with more focus than the big social networks. All we need is YOU to get things started in your community as a PeopleMovers® Community Organizer!

How does it work?

PeopleMovers® makes it simple!

  1. 1Create your individual profile. Select your "Community" (this is your primary "field"). Make sure you put lots of information about you and make it look good!
  2. 2Request to join our PeopleMovers® Community Organizers group. Once approved, you will be listed as a Community Organizer on your Community Profile.
  3. 3Get up to speed with how PeopleMovers® works. Check out the resources at the bottom of this page so you can be our local community engagement "expert"!
  4. 4As you see news articles and information on the web about people, organizations and community development activities where you live, post them using our easy Browser Button.
  5. 5Spread the word via social media and email to friends, co-workers and leaders in your area using Invite.
  6. 6Attend community events and initiative meetings to invite leaders to share information and work together on PeopleMovers®. They'll improve their impact using our tools and have a direct way to reach potential partners and resources globally. Best of all, it's FREE!
  7. 7Engage, coach and see your community grow as you come together on PeopleMovers® and in "real" life… it's awesome! We'll even have global rankings for some friendly competition between organizers!
  8. 8As you and the members you invite (wherever they are) post and engage, you'll automatically get PeoplePoints® which can be used for cool rewards from local and international businesses (you can sign them up too)!

This is just the beginning!

We have a full lineup of engaging and powerful mobile apps coming soon that will be the buzz of your city and state. As the governments, businesses and organizations in your group use them to connect, educate and mobilize their stakeholders, YOU'LL GET REWARDS FOR THAT, TOO.

You'll be part of a global network of Community Organizers working together to connect their local communities. As we grow, leaders big and small where you live and around the world will take notice and want to be part of the action!

Can you give just an hour or two a week?

Help us help you bring your community together around POSITIVE THINGS. Join us as a PeopleMovers® Community Organizer and let's start moving your community and our world forward!

Here are some of the benefits


You'll have a game-changing platform for helping you and your community connect, communicate and collaborate at your fingertips. Your personal network will increase exponentially!


By leveraging our brand and network, you'll be a recognized leader in helping other leaders and organizations work together. You'll have the tools to connect them to valuable resources.


You won't have to go it alone anymore! You'll be supported by our team and fellow Community Organizers around the globe. We're going to have fun changing the world together!

Personal Growth

You'll be amazed at how much you learn about what's working (and what's not) globally. Your career will go to new levels as your community leadership grows!


You'll get PeoplePoints® for your activities and also the activities of everyone you invite. Local businesses and global brands will be able to redeem your points for tickets, food, beverages and lots of cool stuff!


We know you've got to pay the bills and community organizing hasn't historically paid very well. We're going to change that soon, so be on the ground floor!

More resources for using PeopleMovers®