How to use PeopleMovers® to build a stronger community and organization

Get your profiles setup

  1. 1

    Create an account by first creating your individual profile

  2. 2Create a profile for your organization
  3. 3Create Boards for different issues and subjects you are focused on or want to share information about

Create posts of information you want your community and organization members to know in News & Info

  1. 1Download the Browser Button and easily post articles you find on the web on your Boards
  2. 2Create originalPosts to share press releases, documents, blogs from your leadership, or other information
  3. 3Promote your conferences, meetings, trainings and concerts by posting Events

Connect with other leaders and organizations

  1. 1Explore our network to follow the posts of leaders and organizations to share news, tips and best practices
  2. 2Check your Home activity feed daily to see what the leaders and organizations you follow are doing
  3. 3Get the latest news and events in your Home Community and connect to other communities globally

Build your audience and impact

  1. 1Upload your Contacts to invite your friends, neighbors and connections to follow your Profiles and join your Groups
  2. 2Share invites and posts to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn audiences to get them more connected to you

Take collaboration to the next level with public or private Groups

  1. 1Create Groups for each initiative, board, committee or issue you want to collaborate with others about
  2. 2Enable Group Chats to instantly Message group members and get them taking in your Inbox
  3. 3Explore our network to find other Groups you can join to increase your impact
  4. 4Organize things to do by creating Tasks that you can assign to group members or followers

Enjoy some perks and reward your members for their efforts with PeoplePoints®!

  1. 1As you all communicate and collaborate on PeopleMovers®, you earn PeoplePoints®
  2. 2Search for food, beverages, tickets and supplies you can redeem for PeoplePoints®
  3. 3Create Offers for goods and services you'll provide for PeoplePoints® to support community building activities
  4. 4Give your members additional PeoplePoints® for activities outside of PeopleMovers® when you want to thank them for their extra efforts using Donate
  5. 5Take rewards for doing good to the next level by creating your own PeoplePoints® program (email us)

More resources for using PeopleMovers®