Do well by doing good.

Grow your business as you support
the most influential people in the communities you serve. Build valuable relationships as a PeopleMovers® Official Sponsor!

According to RoperUSA, the most influential ten percent of people when it comes to voting, purchasing and lifestyles are those who are engaged in making their communities better (Keller & Berry 2003, The Influentials). Building strong relationships with this important group can impact your business or organization in a profoundly positive way. Show them that you also care about making their communities better by becoming an Official Sponsor. Sponsors will receive recognition, online and on the ground support and advertisement spots that can run locally, regionally, nationally or internationally on PeopleMovers®.

You will connect to the leaders of governments, associations, organizations, churches and businesses where you operate and across the world. Becoming an Official Sponsor of PeopleMovers® gives your company or organization a powerful way to build relationships with the people who are most likely to talk about your product, service or message.

With the need for building bridges between groups becoming more and more pronounced, now is a strategic time to be a founding member of this dynamic new network!

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Some benefits of being an Official Sponsor

Easy to Budget

Sponsorship levels to meet all marketing budgets.

Reach the Influentials

Strengthen relationships with the most influential people in the communities you serve by supporting what they care about.

Expand to New Markets

Connect with potential customers and expand market share as you follow key relationships around the globe.

Reach the Best Employees

Build your visibility as a company that cares about others and fill your pipelines with prospective employees that will take care of customers the same way.

Be a Leader

Position your company or organization as a progressive leader in making our communities and world better.

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