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Organize, engage and move your community forward.

One easy-to-use platform to streamline communications and collaboration
for your initiative, campaign or organization.


Create profiles to let leaders know about you, show community topics you’re focused on and resources you need and have to offer. Get matched to others locally and globally.


Share news, needs, events and media with easy clicks. Download our Browser Button to easily post articles and information from the web on colorful bulletin boards.


Work together in groups with easy tools for communication and collaboration. Create, assign and manage tasks between members inside and between organizations.

What leaders are saying

“PeopleMovers is a terrific way to get our entrepreneurial development resources to the communities we want to reach.”

- Tel Ganesan, TiE Detroit

“We’ve watched PeopleMovers grow in Detroit from the very beginning and see this as a tool with incredible potential.”

- Penny Bailer, Community Activist

“PeopleMovers is an easy platform for us to post events and reach busy community leaders and their memberships.”

- Oliver Ragsdale, The Carr Center

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