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Create your personal and organizational profiles and make Boards for the topics you’re focused on.

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Post your ideas, news, needs, events and more to share with your community or world.

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The more leaders and organizations share and
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PeopleMovers® helps busy leaders connect, organize and leverage their community involvements.

Post agendas, documents and information
Create tasks for action items and monitor
Connect member resources
Connect to new members
Coordinate events, programs and activities
Recruit volunteers
Post documents and resources
Distribute educational media
Find charitable and civic board opportunities
Recruit energetic employees and targeted groups
Promote CSR and volunteerism
Connect employees to community resources
Engage key leaders and stakeholders directly
Promote and coordinate initiatives
Respond to community issues
Foster environment of transparency

Organize, engage and move your community forward.

One easy-to-use platform to streamline stakeholder engagement
for your initiative, organization or business.

What leaders are saying

“PeopleMovers is a terrific way to get our entrepreneurial development resources to the communities we want to reach.”

- Tel Ganesan, TiE Detroit

“We’ve watched PeopleMovers grow in Detroit from the very beginning and see this as a tool with incredible potential.”

- Penny Bailer, Community Activist

“PeopleMovers is an easy platform for us to post events and reach busy community leaders and their memberships.”

- Oliver Ragsdale, The Carr Center

How much does PeopleMovers® cost?

The basic suite of tools on PeopleMovers® is FREE so everyone can participate.

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